Exciting developments for ReefSystems!

Zeno Prast
October 7, 2022

We have some exciting news to share about our partner Reefsystems. They received a big donation, which allows them to build an onsite factory in Kenya. This creates job possibilities for local communities and boosts their economy. As a result of this, the costs per reef module have significantly dropped.

What does this mean for you?

With a factory in Kenya, ReefSystems is able to produce the reef modules locally. This will cut costs and the environmental impact caused by transportation.

They are now able to manufacture the reef modules at half the price as before. Now you are able to generate twice as much results for the same amount!

Additionally, ReefSystems is also building a coral nursery. A coral nursery is an ‘orchard’, where small pieces of living coral are gathered and placed on the branches of trees. After 5 months, these coral fragments have gained enough strength to be planted out and start a new coral reef.

The process is in motion and we anticipate that the factory and nursery will be functional at the end of February. That month, the first modules will be installed at the bottom of the ocean. We expect to share the proof of your contributions by half March. Find information on the product page.

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