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Zeno Prast
June 19, 2022

BNR Zakendoen asked us to give a pitch and answer a round of questions about our business. So Mike Odenhoven, our CEO, talked about how our platform works with Thomas van Zijl and a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs.

Mike explained how we’re building a digital platform so that everyone, anywhere, can take climate action. Projects on the platform provide 1:1 proof of implementation for each contribution, with a picture and a GPS location. That way, our contributors know that the contributions to our projects are actually used to restore the planet.

We explained how we select our partners in our endeavor to make an environmental impact across the globe. Transparency, integrity and permanence are our key criteria for our partners.

Partners need a certain number of orders before they can start implementation: you can imagine that planting just one tree or just placing one piece of coral back in the ocean is not feasible for these organizations. Sumting solves this by aggregating demand of larger parties (businesses) with those of individuals, so that everyone can take action! This way, Sumting provides an easy way to start investing in the environment.. Our platform connects you with trusted, pre-vetted projects that make a tangible positive difference.

If you've missed the live broadcast, you can still hear the interview here:

BNR Zakendoen (Spotify)

BNR Zakendoen : Fast forward to 1;17 for the interview

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