Unleashing the power of finance to restore nature



We believe individuals and organizations can be a force for good, as long as we channel the contributions of the many towards one common and shared goal.

That’s why we’re building a digital platform so that anyone, anywhere, can transparently contribute to nature restoration.

By doing so we unburden well-doers, and in addition provide them with a stage and an audience. Instead of using their money to attract more donations, we let them focus on what they do best: saving our environment.

Business Model

Where does your money go?

  • 83% of your money goes directly to funding the environmental projects.
  • 14% of your money goes to the future of Sumting; developing the environmental projects, growing our community and building even better ways to raise funds and keeping our lights on.
  • 3% covers things like taxes and to compensate Sumting’s own operational impact

Meet the people

Core team

Advisory board

Partner criteria

How we select partners


Each contribution links to a specific piece of positive impact that we will hold the project accountable for – it must demonstrate how money is spent.


There’s no point planting a seed if it doesn’t grow; that’s why we select projects that can guarantee each contribution is here to stay. The longer, the better.


We expect our projects to be a significant force of good, that means they are efficient and scalable, but also that they are beneficial for their local community

Full disclosure

We audit our projects for their visible and measurable impact, as well as the underlying fee structures and operational efficiencies

Independently validated

Contributions are linked to proof on our impact page for everyone to verify and validate the authenticity.


Partners are reachable by our customers, post frequent project update blogs and deliver feedback loops when they take action

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