Make your company count

Businesses of all sizes are waking up to the need to restore nature. Sumting provides an easy way to start investing in the environment, by building your impact portfolio and sharing it with your customers and your employees. Our platform connects businesses with dozens of trusted, vetted projects that make a tangible positive difference.

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Businesses work with us to make a difference

Be a force for good

Leverage the power of your business to make positive environmental impact at scale

Delight customers

Customers increasingly demand business to act beyond making profit and pay a premium to those that do

Boost engagement

Employees behave more prosocial if they feel their organisation contributes to nature restoration projects

Attract talent

70% of employees expect their workplace to provide them with opportunities to make a positive impact on climate change

Action that fits your organisation

Your business deserves a tailored way of realising impact.
Decide how you want to contribute from our selection of products.

Do Sumting as a business

Gain instant access to a multitude of projects and start making a difference today. See your organisation’s portfolio grow over time and show your efforts to your customers, employees and suppliers.

Let employees do Sumting

Offer an employee benefit that sets you apart. Enable your employees to become impact generators and put a smile on their faces. Understand what your workforce really cares about and use this in future decision making.

Give Sumting

Provide a personalized digital gifting experience to your employees or relations. Let them experience the joy of giving back to the planet and bring them aboard your sustainability journey. Done are the days of corporate gifts that end in the bin!


Choose your projects

Start making
an impact with us
without effort

Brand exposure

Our impact map transparently showcases your efforts to our ever growing global user base. Add our widget to your own channels and visualise the impact created!

One invoice

Support multiple projects via our platform and receive one simple invoice. Your monthly impact report provides you a detailed view of the projects supported.

Plug and play

Setup your organisation within a few clicks and start making impact straight away.

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